JL Energy ApS is a company with foresight and visions. The energy from the sun is crucial for all life on earth and therefore an obvious resource to use.
In about 20 minutes, the sun gives as much energy to the earth as it uses in a whole year.
JL Energy ApS has great experience with calculation, design and execution of solar projects.
Through the experiences of several thousand mounted solar PV systems in all sizes, we are ready to take any task.
We will guide you through the considerations and decisions on the way to the right PV system.
JL Energy ApS is today active in Tanzania, Turkey, Denmark and Sweden amongst others.
When JL Energy ApS works in different countries, it is essential to focus on different needs and climate differences. We are aware of that and will therefore be the right choice for you.
JL Energy ApS not only sells components for your solar PV system we are your associate who design your project in the right way. We have the right solution for you.
Whether it is a large field-mounted solar PV system or at system, that supplies a small house or a pump station.In the areas where there is no electrical power to drive the water supply, e.g. Tanzania or Turkey, JL Energy ApS has developed a reliable system for the supply of water pumps – called “Solar pump”. The system is very simple, durable and designed to handle with extreme conditions.
When we are working to integrate solar cells into buildings, we get the best outcome if we are involved from the start of the project. In 2014 at INTER SOLAR we received the prize for having designed and mounted the most beautiful solar PV system in Europe in the last 20 years.
The PV system is mounted on the UN building in Copenhagen.When it comes to solar PV systems on facades, JL Energy Aps also have the experience.
JL Energy ApS have the contact and cooperation with the right partners who possess the right knowledge at the highest level. We are therefore able to provide you the right guidance for you