JL Energy ApS is a company that is specialized in energy solutions. It applies both on the domestic and export market. JL Energy takes, however, primarily care of PV systems for export. We find the right solution for your company in your particular area. The company is run by enthusiasts and it appears in the quality of the products. We don´t settle with a halfway solution, but assures that your project is going as planned. We takes care of everything, from design, supply, installation and follow-up on projects.
Jens and Lone Mouridsen founded JL Energy in 2002. JL Energy has worked with energy solutions both within development and within design. This experience combined with passionate people create good results. PV solar systems is one of the key areas that takes its starting point at the customer’s wishes. Creating solutions that are future-oriented, economically viable and architecturally executed.

Energy optimization is one of the technical solutions that makes JL Energy able to guarantee savings on 30% on power bills for lightning. The saving however is typically up to 50%.

Wind turbines is offered in several sizes. The turbines are solid and is designed for many years of reliable and efficient electricity production.

SolarElements ApS is a subsidiary of JL Energy ApS where the main activity is to provide PV solar system in projects to business and to government clients, primarily in Denmark. SolarElements also puts emphasis on ensuring high quality for its customers through collaboration with major and reputable suppliers, Danish as well as foreign. Our calculation department uses programs as DDS CAD, PVsyst and PVsol. SolarElements got in 2014 the price for “Europe’s nicest PV solar system” at the UNITED NATIONS building in Copenhagen, and that helped it making clear that SolarElements has the design in order.JL Energy ApS and SolarElements ApS are good sparring partners for each other and cooperate in many tasks. Both companies electrical contractors is KSO certified.